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About us


Our mission is to empower as many individuals as possible through a holistic approach.
We believe in the practice of fitness, nutrition and recovery to be the pathway of human optimization.


Our mission is simple, To Live, Life, Fit.


Our company BioFit based in Oviedo, FL is one of the leading facilities in the country for Human Performance, we provide the latest science for training but also the latest biohacking tools to help with recovery. We have helped several elite athletes in the NFL, MLB, and MLS as well as C-Suite Executives and entrepreneurs reach a higher level of performance and quality of life because of our systems. In addition we have helped numerous people gain a better lifestyle through fitness and nutrition coaching.
Our fundamental goal is to help people regain and live a healthy lifestyle by providing the most reliable products, science, and practical health knowledge. We want to make living a healthy lifestyle accessible and inspiring to everyone. We create value by developing exclusive products that align with your health ambitions and aspirations.
We believe in optimizing the human body by giving individuals the best and the latest science in fitness and nutrition to achieve optimal living. Our mission is simple, To Live, Life, Fit.
BioFit has found a way to refresh the industry with high quality natural supplements and operate on the highest values. BioFit prioritizes excellence and will continue to ensure our consumers get the quality and satisfaction they deserve.
​​Whether you are like one of our professional athletes that comes and trains in our performance facility or simply looking to reach a healthier or higher level lifestyle, we strive to empower you to be the best version you can be in your body and in your life.